We have the pleasure of announcing the new year of the Executive Master of Applied Economics and Business Administration of the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala and Texas A&M Cooperative Program.

The two institutions have put together objectives and efforts to contribute to the integral and sustainable development of Guatemala and Central America by means of teaching professionals at the highest executive level, including Business Managers. Our goal is to enable the business sector to effectively compete in the every day global business environment.

The program presents instruction on the important topics of today. Among the topics covered are advanced managerial skills, technological change, economic applications to freer markets, business strategies, finances, macro-economy, marketing of products, international trade, total quality management, managerial economics, international finance, among others. The faculty that will be teaching these courses are from the United States of America and Guatemala, and of well known international prestige.

Provide a substantial contribution to the formation of Guatemalan and Central American professionals with the highest and most up to date professional training in Business Management, so that they will successfully perform in an increasingly demanding and competitive global industry.

Guatemala and Central America are in the process of modernizing their business and industrial activities in order to competitively participate in the every day demanding national and international commerce. In order to compete in the national and international market, countries of the region require the efficient use of resources which will allow demand to be satisfied. Therefore, training and the development of modern skills are basic in economic business management and the formation of leaders within the country.

The target group is made up of professionals who have graduated with engineering, economics, life, chemistry and social sciences majors who, preferably, also have experience in positions at a management level.

The program is coordinated by Universidad del Valle de Guatemala and Texas A&M University, who have jointly and carefully developed the contents of each course to be offered ensuring the highest qualifications of the participating professional upon graduation.

The students who satisfactorily completes the program will receive the following credits: 1. Universidad del Valle de Guatemala will grant the title of Master in Applied Economics and Business Administration. 2. The Agricultural Economics Department at Texas A&M University will issue a Certificate in Applied Economics and Business Administration.

1. Degree at a Licenciate level or equivalent.
2. Spanish and English. Most of Texas A&M University professors teach their classes in English, therefore, proficiency in this language is required. ELASH and/or TOEFFEL will be requested.
3. Personal computer.

The faculty that teach the Cooperative Program UVG/TAMU are the highest-level instructor in their field. The knowledge and experience of these instructors fulfill the teaching objectives of this course.

1. Universidad del Valle de Guatemala

Eduardo Alvarez Massis
Alvaro Reynoso Urzua

2. Texas A&M University

David Bessler
Julian Gaspar
Charlie Hall
Lonnie Jones
Kerry Litzenberg
Desmond Ng
Marco Palma
John Penson
Luis Ribera
Parr Rosson
Mark Welch

The program is offered according to a specific schedule. First year students meet at the Woclan Business Centre (near the cinema and Oakland Mall), while second year students continue to meet at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala campus. Classes are on Fridays from 4:30PM to 8:30PM, and Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 5:00PM.

Courses are distributed in two years, from February through October each: First Year Microeconomics Managerial Economics Statistical Analysis Operations in Business Management Managerial Accounting Macroeconomics Econometrics Futures Market Sales and Marketing Second Year Productivity and Total Quality Management International Trade Policy Analysis International Marketing Business Finance International Financial Marketing Decision and Risk Analysis Strategic Business Management Business and Professional Reports

Registration dates are from November 22, 2012 to January 31, 2013. Space is limited, therefore, pre-registration is available.

Cost for the2-year program, includes two registrations fees, course costs, and class materials (with the exception of three or four books and/or special software that might be required by some professors). Fees for 2013-14 can be paid in 11 monthly installments (February through December). Costs can be totally financed by the Banco Industrial, Del Valle Branch.

For more information please contact:

MSc. Fernando Paiz
The Executive Masters in Applied Economics and Business Administration
Universidad del Valle de Guatemala
Phone: 1 (502) 2364-0492, Ext 462

Dr. Parr Rosson
Department of Agricultural Economics
UVG-TAMU Masters in Applied Economics & Business Administration Program
Texas A&M University
2124 TAMU
College Station, Texas 77843-2124
Phone.: (979) 845-2116